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Come with us and we promise that you will be back with fond memories and stories that you will be telling to your children.

Why Ladakh

The land so barren and the passes so high that only our fiercest enemies or our best friends would want to visit us" Ladakh (the roof of the world) is not for Tourists but for explorers, not a destination but a journey for travellers. A place so vast and so beautiful that no photos in this world can justify the sheer spiritual and beauty of this place! Part fantasy, part reality Ladakh, is where, the forces of nature conspired to render a magical unrealistic landscape, a landscape of extremes,desert and blue waters, burning sun, freezing winds, glaciers and sand dunes... a primeval battleground of the tectonic forces which gave birth to the Himalayas. Renowned for remote mountain beauty and culture Ladakh is a region in India totally isolated from the modern world. An authentic land, it is faithful to ancestral customs where life is characterized by intense spirituality. Even an Indian traveller will probably find no similarities in the land and people between the ones he leaves behind and those he encounters in Ladakh. Rich traditions of Mahayana Buddhism still flourish in the purest form in this region, which has often been referred to as Little Tibet. Ladakh lies at an altitude from 9000 ft to 25170 feet. The peaks of snow mountains on bright mornings part the dense clouds and soar into the skies. Beneath the skies like a world submerged, lies a lost kingdom. Ladakh, opened to tourists only in the last decade. At an awesome altitude, this highland is the bridge between the earth and the sky. At these heights, you are on the roof of the world! As the highest inhabited land in the world, it holds a fascination for many, while for some there is an enchantment of seeing mountains which had been under the sea for million of years. Ladakh is like a forgotten moment in time. It is common in Ladakh to come across villages carved out of veritable mountainside, stupas reaching the sky, monasteries virtually hanging from the cliffs and crags. Their interiors are filled with priceless antiques and art.

Why us

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    About us

    Founded on 2013 Ladakh Trip Advisor has successfully organised 17 non-guided tours, 8 guided tours, 3 photography tutorial tour and 1 road tour to Ladakh. In total we organised 29 trips and assisted 400+ people in realizing their dream tour to Ladakh

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    Our Spirit

    At ladakh trip advisor we believe that humans are infinity explorers by nature. It is in our instinct to travel and no human spirit should be denied of our primarily need. Given the regional expertise in hand we have a leverage to create unique itineraries that offers extraordinary experience to our patrons.

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    Our Team

    Our team consists of experienced and friendly Ladakhi locals.We are willing to go and extra-mile to make sure that our travellers leave with a everlasting memories. Come with us and we promise that you will be back with fond memories and stories that you will be telling to your children.


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